The fishing waders KB002 from Kylebooker came in a plastic bag with a zipper. It is a chest wader made from breathable material with neoprene stockingfoot. The breathable material allows water vapor (your sweat) to pass through it. On contrast, the neoprene, a stretchable synthetic rubber, prevents water from going in or out.


The straps are made from neoprene in a suspender fashion. I find these the most comfortable since it hold and secure the waders while wading. You can also roll them down so you can convert from chest waders to hip waders. All you have to do is roll the waders down starting from the front side. This very useful as you wade during summer since it gets too hot to be wading with chest waders.

At the end of the stitched straps buckle, there are two rings. An extremely practical feature that allows fishermen to attach fly fishing accessories such as tippet spools, leaders, clipper, or a fishing net if you are not wearing your fly fishing vest.

STOCKINGFOOT CHEST WADERS KB002 - RingsThe belt is attached through belt loops, which is an advantage over fishing waders without the loops. The loops provide added safety and it is more convenient since you don’t have to worry about losing the belt. In addition, it prevents the belt from sliding up and down from its place. The belt is an essential addition that prevents the water from filling up your wader if you fall down. The belts on this wader is made from stretchy material so it allows better fitting.

There are two front pockets, a flip out style pouch and a zip style. I have not seen a fishing wader that provides these styles at the same time. This is defiantly an advantage as you can safely carry valuable belongings in the zipper-style pocket, and use the flip out pocket for quick access tools. Some fly fishermen would even keep seeds or snacks to nibble on them instead of reaching to snack pocket at the back of their fly fishing vest.

STOCKINGFOOT CHEST WADERS KB002 - PocketsThe waders have built-in gravel guards. For those who are beginners, gravel guards are neoprene material that snaps on your boots. It keeps the sand, gravel, shells, plant material from getting inside your boot when you are wading. It also prevents the waders from sliding back.

STOCKINGFOOT CHEST WADERS KB002 - Gravel GuardsAs for the movement, the waders are not bulky and very light. Kneeling down was easy, I always kneel down in the reverse lunge movement. This gives me more flexibility as sometimes it is hard to kneel in waders especially of you are wearing many layers during cold seasons.

In conclusion, the Kylebooker Stockingfoot Chest Waders KB002 is definitely a promising wader that meet the demands for most fishermen. I cannot wait to go out in the water and test it. A field review will be posted and followed.

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