After reviewing the Farglory Medium Fast Nymph Fly Rod with Extension Section, I decided to try the top of the line nymphing fly rod offered by MaxCatch, the Nano Nymph Professional Euro Nymphing Fly Rod.

In this article I am reviewing the 2wt rod, Nano Nymph10024.

Although, and maybe for practical reasons, I preferred the Farglory’s rod case, which has a compartment for every rod section, over the Nano Nymph case, which came with a very elegant fabric sheet, adding a style and value. This should not bother you if you use fly rod cases that have room for the reel as it saves time for rod setup before hitting the water.

Since I reviewed the Farglory in more of a technical way, I will review the Nano Nymph rod in comparison to the Farglory so I don’t repeat the content.

Quality & Casting

The Nano Nymph, is for sure, is a different game than the Farglory. The quality and durability exceeds the Farglory by far. It is not only demonstrated by the feel of the rod material but also by the accuracy of the casts. The Nano Nymph wiggles way less than the Farglory, with the extension removed from the Farglory making the lengths of both rods even for fair comparison.

Even though nymphing rods are not designed for conventional casting style, you can still perform decent overhand and roll casts for dry flying and swinging. The Farglory have almost the same back-casting performance as the Nano Nymphing rod.


If you do not need an 11ft nymphing rod, then the Nano Nymph offers you much more accuracy in casting and presentation as I mentioned. I would still use the Nano Nymph over the Farglory even if I need the 11ft rod length. I will make the effort by wading in more or adapt to the situation to accommodate the reach of the cast. At the end, it is a personal preference as the Farglory have an advantage of length in wider streams & rivers.

Sensitivity & Reactivity

In terms of action, the Nano Nymph has a significant fast-action advantage over the Farglory. This can be very felt with repetitive casting especially in windy conditions with lighter and smaller flies. I find myself using less “flicking” momentum and power during the casts.

Rod Weight and Reel Balance

As it is a 2wt rod, it offers a very good leverage for long hours of fishing. Coupled with the 2-4wt Dunn Ultralite MAXSDS Fly Reel and the Weight Forward Floating Fly Line 2WT, rod perfectly balances.

Remember that in nymphing, the flyline is barely used, if ever, in casting. It is always the leader and the tippet that you are casting.

As a conclusion, I think I can confidently say I will not be looking for an upgrade after using this rod until it is retired. The Farglory can definitely be a good way in to nymphing without breaking the bank, but an upgrade to the Nano Nymph is inevitable.

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