Open box review for fly fishing Night Cat Fishing Waders for Men Women Waterproof Hunting Chest Wader with Bootfoot Belt Lightweight breathable

The Product

The Night Cat Fishing Chest Wader with Bootfoot came in a bag, unlike other waders that I have ordered. The bag is made from breathable mesh, which the water can drain from it after usage. It is easy enough to fold the waders back again into the bag.

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The Wader Material

The wader is made from neoprene, a waterproof material that does not allow heat to escape. This might be your best option when fishing in low temperature waters in the winter season. On the other hand, breathable waders are better if you are fly-fishing or wading in summer season. Aside from the material, chest waders will keep you hot during the summer so I recommend that you use waist waders.

Compared to other waders, the bulky material of the Night Cat Fishing Chest Wader with Bootfoot is not an issue. It is relatively easy to move, sit, and kneel wearing these waders taking into account the restrictions of the neoprene material.

The Clips & Waist Belt

The plastic quick release suspender clips is very rigid and good quality, I cannot see them breaking in any time soon. Same rigidity for the waist belt, the buckle is secure and it seems that it can handle the forces of strong currents.  The waist belt is adjustable; its looseness readability in strong currents is yet to be tested.

The front pocket is a flapped pocket without a zipper. Consequently, wading in deeper waters, chest level height is not ideal for this wader as water can enter the pocket. On the other hand, if you are going with light tackle and do not want to use a vest, the pocket can be practical depending on your fishing style as it has easy access.

The Night Cat Fishing Chest Wader with Bootfoot

The rubber boots are very comfortable compared to felt soles. These are perfect for fly-fishing in slippery ice, long hikes and muddy terrains. I defiantly do not recommend using felt soles for any of the previous conditions. In addition, some rivers prohibits the use of felt soles for environmental reasons. You should always check the regulations of any river you will wade or fly fish at.

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