Farglory Medium Fast Nymph Fly Rod is a nymphing rod offered by Maxcatch Fishing. It is one of the 4 nymphing rods they offer.

This article is about reviewing the 9ft-10ft6in 3wt 4in1 fly rod, my very first nymphing rod.

Rod Length

The rod length offers great reach in small and medium streams. It allows a very smooth Downstream Water Load or a Reach cast. Casting without a split shot added to the leader might not give you the best result because of the rod’s length. Adding a split shot will give a longer and slack free cast and landing.

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The rod comes in 4 pieces, in which, practically, you can adjust the length of the rod based on the width of the stream. I have used High Stick Nymphing and Fly Dropper methods with 3 pieces and 4 pieces.

The 4 pieces offer an advantage to convert a long nymphing rod to a dry fly rod by using 3 sections of the rod. This is a great advantage since you don’t have to carry two different rods if you are unfamiliar with the river, hatches or fish species.


The brown-matte finish of the rod is perfect for a stealthy mod as it does not reflect light. This is very essential since you don’t want to scare the fish as you are reaching/nymphing. Trout is a very spooky fish, so being stealth is your number one priority I would say.


The guides are snake-style with epoxy finish, which is expected for any nymhing rod to support the stealthy technique.


Now here comes the most critical, in my opinion, element for nymph rods. It is very hard to test the sensitivity since I am fishing subsurface and I can’t see/know if I am missing subtle bites. On the other hand, I think the rod’s sensitivity is great, I hooked a baby bass and I felt the take in a slow running bank. When the fish was out of the water, I could intensely feel every vibration being produced by the little guy trying to escape, literally like a cellphone on vibration.

baby bass picture

Saying that, I have read that with higher end nymphing rods, you can practically feel or “map” the bottom of the river. I definitely did not feel that with the rod, but it might because I intentionally avoid hitting the bottom aside from the occasional catching bottom. Also these tests, I assume, intentionally try to catch bottom to get sensitivity feedback.

Bottom line is, I would need to try rods at the same time and location to give feedback for sensitivity.

Notes to be considered.

The rod tip broke twice, a quick fix with a rod tip part, glue, and a lighter, did the job in 1 minute. On the other hand, I contacted Maxcatsh Fishing, and without any questions on how did it break, they are sending me a tip replacement. Great customer service hands down.

The conclusion is that Farglory Medium Fast Nymph Fly Rod is a fairly good rod. It is not for sure a higher end rod, but it is definitely a rod that I would buy as trying out nymphing and continue to fish with it until I sense the need that I need to upgrade (which will happen at some point).

I definitely recommend this rod for beginners and for anyone who does not want to break the bank.

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